How To Handle Arguments

proverbs 15:1 

A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.

Hello readers, its been awhile since I have blogged.

Now  I am back and I am going to  talk about, as the title reads- How To Handle Arguments

This is a very short verse but one we all should heed. The meaning of this verse is so truthful and something we all need in our everyday life.

 whether you are a parent arguing with your teen, a boss discussing with your employees, arguing with your co- workers, or a very common situation fighting with your husband or your wife. All of these situations can be solved with the message behind this verse.

Now you may be asking what this message is so let me break it apart.

Gentle Answer: things like-  I am sorry, how can we fix this,

(look at it from their point of view) example: Your right

Turns away wrath:  the answers above are some of the many

ways to calm an argument to a discussion. turn it into a more calm situation.

Harsh Words: These are remarks or comebacks like  your wrong because…, why? that makes no sense, I hate you, you have no point, you’re stupid, (and so on) ETC.

Stir Up Anger:   This is what pulls us apart. Sparking anger is not the point of an argument, but it is usually the outcome.

I hope what I have talked about really helped you understand how to deal with arguments. Also, how to deal with the aftermath of the whole thing.

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